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For sale / te koop
Item Price Info
Focusrite 131 line-level channel strip 900 in excellent condition
Pultec EQ P1A 5000 vintage, in good working order
Roland SDE 330 delay 300 in excellent condition
TC Fireworx delay 200 in excellent condition
Neumann RMS 191 stereomic, complete set 1500 in excellent condition
Orban 642 - 4 band full parametric EQ 600 in good condition
SSL Xlogic Superanalogue channel strip 2000 as good as new, based on SSL 9000 console
Roland U220 150 in good condition
Opcode Studio 4 100 vintage, good condition
Symmetrix stereo denoiser 100 in good condition
Marshall DSL 100H 100W top with footswitch 400 as good as new
Kool & Elfering cabinet 2x 12” Vintage 30, 120W 400 as good as new, custom made, retro look
Tascam X48 - 48 channel harddisk recorder with built-in mixer 800 in flightcase, with 19" pc monitor
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