2nd Tascam X-48 recorder

Tascam X-48 recorder


X-48 is Tascam's first standalone 48-track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation which integrates the best of both worlds: the stability and ease-of-use of a purpose-built hard disk recorder, with the GUI, editing features and plug-in compatibility of a computer-based digital audio workstation.

It boasts 96kHz/24-bit recording across all 48 tracks and 192kHz across 24 tracks. Yet the X-48 goes beyond mere standalone recorders ? its built-in, automated 48-channel digital mixer, VGA display output, powerful editing functions and DVD+RW backup drive transform it into a complete integrated workstation.

Its file compatibility and synchronization surpass even the TEC Award-winning MX-2424, with Broadcast WAVE and OMF import and export for compatibility with workstations like Pro Tools?. Support for FireWire hard drives and Gigabit Ethernet allows simple transfer between systems, making it the ultimate multitrack solution for high-quality music, post and live recording applications.