Adrenaline for sale

For sale: AVID Adrenaline


Because of upgrades, EAVR offers a used AVID Adrenaline edittingset for sale. The set is ex-rental but in good condition, thanks to the service of AVID Benelux.


The set comes with:


- 1x HP xw8000 3.0Ghz, 2GB RAM

- 1x Adrenaline Break-out box (no HD Accel board)

- 1x Media Composer V2.1.9. software, Photoshop

- 1x Coloured keyboard + mouse

- 2x Sony 19 CRT HiRes monitors

- 2x Fostex 630B active speakers

- 1x 273GB Mediastripe

- 1x Adrenaline cablekit


Price: € 12.500,- excl. 19% TAX