Tape transfer

Reconditioning and transferring old tapes Transferring and reconditioning old tapes at EAVR


The past weeks Europe Audio/Video Rent has again transferred a load of vintage multitrack tapes into AIFF or WAV files.


EAVR owns a wide variety of recorders such as Sony DASH3348, Mitsubishi X-850, Studer A-80, Otari MX-80/MTR-90 recorders who are all kept in great shape and combines it with a Protools HD rig. Also, a lot of tapes need to be reconditioned before they can be used and therefor EAVR uses a Memmert medical oven that's operated by a real tape-guru and ex-worker of Ampex.


The following recordings were recently transferred by EAVR: Seth Gaaikema, Het Goede Doel, Kinderen voor Kinderen, PEAR, The Tapes en Spasmodique.


For more info and prices you can contact us on planning@eavr.nl of 030-6775911.