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Record your gigs in Europe Festival 2012


Are you a manager, producer or bandmember and visiting Europe for some gigs at venues and festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium? Would you like to capture your moments so you can share them with your friends and fanbase back home? Or would you like to record a live-album with song performed at various stages and countries?


Here at Europe Audio/Video Rent we have answers to these questions and are more than happy to help you out. Our company was found in the late 70’s and our specialty lies with recording. Besides a huge collection of microphones and outboard-gear we rent out all sorts of multitrackrecorders like Protools HD, Reaper, Tascam X48 and Alesis HD24.


Of course, we also have the interfaces and preamps to get the channels from the stage into the recorder.  For example, with a D.O.TEC MADI.SRC convertor you can record the show on a different samplerate than they are using at the foh or with the SSL MADI Opti Coax you can easily extend the distance between the stage and the recorder.

Let eAVr record your tour


Artists like Lil’ Wayne (2009), 30 Seconds to Mars (2010), Enrique Eglesias (2011), All Jarreau (2011), Steve Miller Band (2012) and JunkieXL (2013) have already experienced our products and services. Interested to find out what we can do for you? Contact us on, 0031-30-6775911 or visit us on